Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I place my Firepod tm unit?

Firepod tm is safe to place on any non- flammable surface in any apartment, house restaurant or hotel. No ventilation is required.

Is the installation process difficult?

No, all Firepod tm units come pre assembled and just need unpacking. For bigger units instructions will be given.

How do I light my Firepod tm?

Use long matches or a long lighter, otherwise dip the lighting rod provided in the ethanol slightly, light the lighting rod and light the unit using the lighting rod.

How do I extinguish my Firepod tm unit?

We do recommend burning the ethanol liquid completely. Should you wish to extinguish the fire earlier, use the key provided, slot the key into the holes of the slider, and slide shut. This cuts off the oxygen supply and extinguishes the fire immediately. The ethanol will not evapourate once closed if you leave the liquid inside the burner.

Is Bioethanol dangerous?

No, our Firepod tm bioethanol is nothing else than 96.5% alcohol which is denatured, i.e made unfit for human consumption. In comparison to gel, bioethanol burns clean and residue-free, not leaving any unpleasant odours or fumes in your home. When burning it dissolves into water and CO2. Also using bioethanol reduces the CO2 emission by 80% in comparison to burning gas, coal or oil.

Is it dangerous to inhale?

No, it consists of plain water and a bit of carbon dioxide

How is the ethanol liquid supplied?

The Firepod tm ethanol is supplied at various retail outlets in easy to pour 5 litre bottles. We do recommend using a jerry can, for easier pouring.

How do you store ethanol?

With lids firmly closed, in a well venilated and cool area. It is classified as a Flammable liquid Class 3. Care must be taken with open flames.

How long will the ethanol last?

On maximum capacity, the Firepod tm units will burn 0,48 litres per hour, and on minimum 0,32 litres per hour depending on ventilation and draft.

Will my Firepod tm generate a lot of heat?

Depending on the Firepod tm model, it can generate from 2-6 kW/h increasing the temperature in a room 30-40m2 by around 3-5 oC.

Can I use any other liquid, wood or paper to burn a Firepod tm unit?

No, all Firepods tm strictly use denatured Ethanol only.

What is my Firepod tm unit made of?

All Firepod tm burners are made of a non-corrosive stainless steel. Housing units vary according to models.

Can I use my existing fireplace?

Yes, once the flue or chimney has been closed off and all utilites have been disconnected. The Xavier grate range add a lovely fireplace look with half the hassle.

How do I clean my burner?

All burners can be cleaned using a soft clean and liquid stainless steel cleaners. The unit can be lifted out of the housing, once cooled and run under a hot water tap to remove traces of ethanol. It is normal for stainless steel to discolour over time when it is exposed to constant heat.

What is Bioethanol?

Ethanol is a natural alcohol produced by the fermentation of sugars originating from agricultural products, mainly sugar cane, potato, banana, beetroot and wheat. Ethanol can not be sold in its purest form to avoid human consumption. The ethanol is deantured with various substances for re-sale purposes.

Does it smell?

There is no smell when a Firepod tm is burning. There is a slight smell once the flame is extinguished, similar to when you blow out a candle. The smell will soon dissipate into the air. Ethanol has its own unique scent, as with gas and wood. We recommend using aromatherapy oils, e.g vanilla