One of the more popular burners in the collection. A nice size to heat 35-45sqm.
This unit is also great when accompanied with another Enola Gay burner side by side. This generates more heat when its cold  but allows the option of having one unit burning when its not too cold, therefore bringing down the ethanol consumption.

Multiple burners side by side are generally favoured while in the building processes. These units, and all Rubymoonshine burners can also be placed under a TV unit as long as there is at least 55mm distance between the burner and the TV. We also suggest a floating shelf to coerce the heat away from the TV screen. Stainless steel backing sheets are also recommended to generate more heat. 

Dimensions: L689mm x H105mm x W200mm

Cut-out dimensions: L678mm x H115mm x W189mm                                                                                                                                                                       

Fuel Capacity: 7 litres max.

Burn time: Avg 1- 1,5 litres per hour

Please allow 3-6 working day weeks manufacture period if no stock available

Enola Gay

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