Safety Disclaimer



Please read BEFORE lighting your Rubymoonshine ethanol burner!

  • - Ethanol liquid is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. Do not smoke around Ethanol liquid.
  • -Keep away from children.
  • -Keep Ethanol Liquid tightly sealed after use, and packed away from children, preferably     outside or in garage. Store at own risk.
  • -DO NOT DRINK ethanol liquid. In case of swallowing, digestion or getting liquid in
  • eyes seek medical attention immediately.
  • -Pour Ethanol liquid only, carefully into the Rubymoonshine unit using a funnel. Use a tissue or absorbent cloth to wipe any excess liquid off the unit before lighting. DO NOT ignite spillages.
  • - Use the key for the slider as a lighting tool. Dip the key into the ethanol, ignite the key, then ignite the burner using the key as a lighter. A long lighter can also be used to ignite the unit. Refrain from using matches. Do not stand over the unit and stand back from unit when lighting to avoid any flame contact with clothing, hair or skin.
  • -NEVER POUR MORE LIQUID INTO UNIT WHILE STILL ON FIRE. Wait for   unit to completely burn out before pouring more liquid inside the unit. Please note, the unit will be hot after burning, DO NOT TOUCH stainless steel box during and for a period after usage.
  • -It is advisable to have a fire extinguisher for liquids with a dry chemical powder on hand, in case of emergency.
  • -Do not use the Rubymoonshine unit for cooking food or boiling liquids. It is purely a heating system.
  • -Do not place any flammable objects on top of the Rubymoonshine unit, and keep flammable objects away from the unit.
  • -Use the key provided to extinguish the flame. Push key into slot and push fast to close the unit. If the flame does not extinguish immediately, reopen the slot and close again.
  • -It is not advisable moving the Rubymoonshine unit while still alight. Rather close the slot or wait for liquid to finish burning before moving the unit.
  • -Any remaining liquid can remain in the unit until the following use. Do not pour liquid out of the unit while still hot/warm. Do not store ethanol for long periods in the burner.
  • Any ethanol smells will eventually permeate out of the burner.
  • -Playing with fire may result in painful burns. Keep hands out of flame, and do not let children play near the flames. Seek medical attention immediately for any burns.
  • -Denatured ethanol liquid is environmentally friendly; however certain products from certain companies may contain perfumes. Seek medical advise if nauseous or feeling ill.
  • Rubymoonshine can not be held responsible for liquid or fuel bought from non-recommended sources.
  • -Rubymoonshine can not be held responsible for any actions, personal body harm, or damage to house belongings caused by the Owner due to negligence or non-compliance to instructions.
  • -Do not ignite your Rubymoonshine unit near an open window to avoid gusts of wind, or near curtains or any other flammable materials.

-Please phone Max on 073 709 9899 or for further enquiries regarding your Rubymoonshine unit.

Please keep this information with your unit. Enjoy styling your fire!