How to light your fire?

Ethanol pouring (800x408)

1. Pour ethanol into the burner using either the 5 litre bottles or your own jug. Rubymoonshine recommends using a jerry can (not supplied) with a long nozzle attachment (can be purchased from any hardware or plastic shop). Pour in the recommended amount or fill to just a finger or more from the top of the burner. Do not overfill.


DSC00762 (800x450)

2. Using the solid stainless steel key included, dip the key into the ethanol.


DSC00763 (800x450)

3. Carefully, using a lighter (not included) light the ethanol on the key on the side that was dipped into the ethanol from the burner. Keep holding the other end of the handle as far back as possible. Return the key back to the ethanol with the side that is slightly on fire-as picture 2.above. Do not bend over the fire. Keep your body and hands as far back as the key.


DSC00764 (800x450)

4. Once your fire has been lit, allow the ethanol to heat up and let your flame turn from blue to a golden yellow. Leave your fire to burn out completely, we do not recommend the burner as a storage device.


DSC00765 (800x450)

5. To extinguish your fire, or even to regulate it, place the key with the hole side onto the two knobs on the burner. Insert the knobs into the holes and slide the mechanism shut quickly. Should the fire not extinguish, reopen and repeat process.

(pictures may not be exact replica of Rubymoonshine burners)