RubyMoonshine About

Rubymoonshine founder, Max Hogg, has extensive experience in the fireplace market. Towards the end of 2014, she decided to go out on her own and founded Rubymoonshine.

Max is a specialist in the BioFuel field, and Rubymoonshine is set to become the leading distributor of Ethanol fuel and manufacturer of Ethanol burners in South Africa.

All burners are manufactured in Johannesburg with high grade non-corrosive stainless steel. Rubymoonshine caters to new renovations and building developments which are keen to incorporate eco-friendly products into the home, with little or no hassle at all. As space is becoming limited within the apartment developments, fireplaces with chimneys and flues, or even gas connections are not always possible. Rubymoonshine accommodates for this with an easy to install ethanol burner system, which is legal to use in the bedrooms as well.

Aromatherapy oils can also be used within the burners creating a lovely ambience and aroma in the home. Rubymoonshine supplies ethanol to the general public, restaurants , hotels as well as retail outlets nationwide.

Many hotels and restaurants are converting to this simpler, healthier way of heating, with half of the cost of gas. Many households are preferring this easier way to heat the home areas.

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